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雅思口语Part 2之高分范文——需要改进的公共场所

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认真研读一些雅思口语范文,不仅可以积累一些口语素材,还可以积累一些常用的表达,对口语考试有很大的帮助。下面来看三篇雅思口语Part 2之高分范文——需要改进的公共场所。



Describe a public place that needs improvements.

You should say:

Where it is

What it is like

Why you think it needs improvements

And explain how to make it better


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Sample 1:

The public place that I think need improvements is the community library near my home. I often go there after work, probably twice a week.


Speaking of what it is like, I have to first admit that, there actually are several aspects I like about this library. The first thing I appreciate about it, is its whole atmosphere. Every time I walk into the library, I can see people at all ages reading books, watching movies, surfing the Internet, and discussing warmly about some questions, which makes me feel really peaceful after a tiring day of work. The second thing that I like about it, is its large collection of books. It not only has a huge amount of books written in Chinese, but also a lot of books printed in English, German and other foreign languages.


Despite all those things I love about this library, I do feel that certain changes should be made to make it an even better place for people to read and relax. The biggest problem I feel necessary for the library to tackle, is that there are no quiet study rooms provided. In other words, people in this library are allowed to talk to each other wherever they want to, which in a way, may cause huge inconvenience for those who want to study or read in a quiet environment. To be frank, this has been troubling me for quite a while. I remember there was a time when I went to the library, trying to find a quiet corner so that I can then take my time to appreciate one of my favorite books, On the Road, but sadly wasn’t able to do it thanks to consistent talking around me. It was this experience that struck me that the library might have to consider setting up a study room, where people can read and think peacefully with no disturbance. In addition, I have also noticed that the chairs provided by the library may not be enough, especially on weekends when people start to swarm in from the beginning of the day.

尽管我很喜欢这个图书馆,但我觉得应该做一些改变,让它成为一个更适合人们阅读和放松的地方。我觉得图书馆要解决的最大问题是,没有安静的自习室。换句话说,在这个图书馆里,人们可以在任何他们想交谈的地方交谈,这在某种程度上可能会给那些想在安静的环境中学习或阅读的人带来巨大的不便。坦率地说,这一直困扰我很长时间。我记得有一次我去图书馆,想找个安静的角落,这样我就可以花时间欣赏我最喜欢的一本书《On the Road》,但不幸的是,由于我周围不断的交谈,我没能做到这一点。正是这个经历触动了我,图书馆可能不得不考虑设立一个学习室,在那里人们可以平静地阅读和思考,不受干扰。另外,我也注意到图书馆提供的椅子可能不够用,尤其是在周末,人们从早上开始就开始蜂拥进来。

Well, in order to deal with these two problems, I think the library should set up some study rooms, and equip this place with more chairs as soon as possible.


Sample 2:

Well, I would like to talk about a path in my neighborhood, which really needs to be improved. Even talking about it makes me mad.


Actually, the path is right in front of our apartment building, and it's the only way that we can take when we go out. Basically, it is uneven, filled with sand and stone, which is very dusty when there are cars going by. Plus, it becomes even worse, like muddy when it rains, so the residents in my community have to walk on this little path with extra attention because we are afraid of being tripped. That must be very painful, you know.


One third of the residents in the neighborhood are children and old people. It's very dangerous for them to walk on this risky road every day or even several times a day. Some old people like to do square dance in the evening, and this little road makes it even impossible. By the way, young people do not like it either, because it is not convenient, on the one hand, for us to go in and go out. It makes us look bad when we invite guests to our home when they see this shabby path. And it is definitely not in line with the artistic design of the buildings in the community.


I think to change the situation, we need to get both the government and management of the building involved, because it is really a big deal, and it's related to the welling-being of the people here. The government should invest money in the construction work on the path, like to pave it with asphalt to make it smooth. Management people can decorate the path with plants such as flowers and trees etc.


If the problem is solved, old people can dance there, and children can play games and their parents don't have to be worried about them. The whole environment of the community will look nicer and cozier. In fact, it is not difficult to get it done, but it has been there since we moved in three years ago. Nobody has brought it up but everybody is fed up with it. I think it is time that we worked together to report it to the government. Anyway, it should be dealt with as soon as possible.








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