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2018年3月10、11日托福写作预测机经 (含PDF下载)

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1.Your are helping to select a leader for a student organization or a group. Do you think a person's honesty is the most important characteristic for being a leader?

2.As a student of university that has a long break between university semesters, the university requires all students to do one of the following for one month during the break:

Students must take a course on the subject that has no direct connection to their majors of study.

Students must volunteer to work in the university's city or their hometowns to improve some aspects of life of the city or their hometowns.

3.Your University wants to improve the quality of students’ life in the dormitory. Which would you prefer?

Quiet place for the study

Building exercise room for students to keep physical well being

Space for entertainment

4.Parents should encourage their children to do their school work independently rather than help them with their school work.

5.Sometimes we are assigned to work in a group on a project. The group will be helped more by a person who will be willing to do what other group members want than by a person who often strongly insists that things should be done in a way that is different from what the group wants to do.

6.Nowadays, many movies or films are based on books. Some people prefer to read the original book before they watch the movie, while others prefer to watch the movie before reading the book. Which one do you prefer?

7.It is better to relax through watching a film and reading a book than doing physical exercises.

8.You have long been friends with someone. If he or she does something that you don’t like, should you still be friends with him or her?

9.It is impossible to always be completely honest with your friends.

10.It is better to work for business owned by someone else than to work for the business of one’s own family.

11.Which of the following three options is the best way to protect the environment?

biking or walking to school or the workplace

recycling or reusing the garbage

eating locally grown organic food without pesticide

12.People are more willing to help those who they don’t know than they were in the past.

13.It is better to use your own knowledge and experience to solve problems than to ask other people for advice.

14.Young people should try several different jobs before they take long-term careers.

15.People gain happiness from job itself more than social life.

16.The government should offer internet access to all of citizens at no cost.

17.Taking a lot of time to make an important decision is often considered as a bad quality for a person. However, some people think it is a good quality.

18.Which kind of jobs would you choose: a high-paying job with long hours or a job with an average pay with normal work hours. Explain your choice, using specific reasons and details.

19.the best leader should spend more time listening to other people’s ideas than talk his own ideas.

20.It is important to have rules about the types of clothing that people are allowed to wear at work and at school.





1、A sweet and lovely gift to my favorite teacher.献上一份甜蜜又可爱的礼物给我最敬爱的老师!

2、To Sir, With Love 老师,我们敬爱您!

3、Wishing you a happy Teacher’s Day! 祝您教师节快乐!

4、It’s your day, Teacher. Have a great day! 老师,这是属于您的日子,祝您愉快!

5、The best way to learn is to learn from the best. 名师出高徒!

6、Thanks for being such a great teacher.Happy Teacher"s Day.您真的是一个好老师,谢谢您,祝教师节愉快!

7、We all like having you as our teacher. You have our respect and gratefulness. 我们喜欢您做我们 的老师,我们尊敬您、感激您!

8、You are like a third parent. We all love you and respect you. 您就像我们的家长,我们都敬爱您。

9、Warm thoughts of love and regards to our loving teachers.对敬爱的老师献上我们的爱与关怀!

10、Your guidance makes us to achieve what we have dreamt for.Thank you for being my teacher.你的引导使我们的梦想实现,谢谢你能成为我们的老师!

11、 My sincere thanks to you for being my teacher. Wishing you a happy Teacher’s Day!衷心感谢您, 我的恩师。祝您教师节快乐!

12、Thank you for making learning not a dull thing but a great joy. 感谢您使我们把枯燥的学习变成了巨大的乐趣!

13、You are not only a good teacher but our close friend. Thank you for helping us make something of our lives. 您不仅是一位好老师,也是我们亲密的朋友,谢谢您帮助我们奋发有为。

14、Our beloved teacher, you are the spring shower that moistens our hearts. The love and care you have given us will encourage us to go through a long and arduous journey. 亲爱的老师,您就像那春天的细雨,滋润着我们的心田。您给予我们的爱和关怀 将鼓舞着我们走过艰难困苦。

15、My heartfelt thanks to you, dear teacher. On the voyage of life, you have lighted the light of hope for me. What you have done enriches my mind and broadens my view. On this day I honour you sincerely. 亲爱的老师,向您表达我最衷心的感谢。在人生旅途上,您为我点燃了希望之光,您所做的一切润泽了我的心灵,开阔了我的视野。今天我向您致以崇高的敬意。

16、Hearty wishes on Teacher"s Day.在教师节的这一天,衷心的祝福您!

17、Five starts for my best teacher. 老师,颁给你五颗星的奖(最佳老师)!

18、You taught me to aim for success and to accept failure with courage.Happy Teacher"s Day.您教导我们追求成功并有勇气接受失败,祝教师节快乐!





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